Exercise Classes

Physio Interactive offers exercise classes to help you restore, maintain and promote optimal physical function.

Exercise-ClassesIf you are injury prone, feeling stiff and tight or suffer aches and pains, the chances are, you need our help. Research has shown that people who do the “wrong” exercise and fitness programmes can worsen their condition. If you keep doing the same thing, you will only get the same results. You can stop the cycle with the help of our exercise classes. As part of our treatment exercise programme, our therapist can instruct certain exercises to complement your manual treatment. However, people with spinal pain and related pain disorders might have more difficulty organising and controlling their movement finding it hard to remember ‘how’ to properly perform certain exercises! Our gym and exercise programmes are developed individually. Our specialised and tailored exercise classes offer small group learning environment where you can enjoy exercising in a way that will help rebuild important patterns of control. These exercise classes are safe for the spine and helps promote your general muscular-skeletal fitness and wellbeing.

Call our friendly therapists today to join our exercise class or and let us work closely in develop the right gym / exercise program for you.

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