Post Op Rehabilitation

The success of your operation does not end as soon as you leave the hospital. In fact, you will be required to carry out a few corrective rehabilitation programs to help you get back into shape. You may be prescribed simple exercises after an operation that will help you stay away from DVT’s or infection. But once you are discharged from the hospital, you will be required to undergo a few sessions of rehabilitation that aim to help you regain your function, flexibility and strength.

Post-Op-RehabilitationAt Physio Interactive, we have the best-in-class Post Op rehabilitation programs. All of our rehabilitators are certified and experienced, we will work closely with your doctors to understand your medical background and help design a rehabilitation program that is tailored to your individual needs and your stages. From the acute stages of post-operative recovery through to complete recovery – we following each surgeon’s broad protocols, provide treatment to help regain mobility, develop exercise programs to ensure strength and guide you with exercises which will be progressed as you recover and improve.

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