Fitness for Work Assessments

Is Your Potential Employee Fit to Work?

Pre-employment functional assessment or Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is increasing in popularity as a way to prevent another injury to your future employees or those employees returning to work form injury. Our method provides you with a comprehensive array of information relating to a potential employee’s physical strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Fitness-for-Work-AssessmentsPhysio Interactive understands that your business is unique and as such we can perform a functional and physical job analysis to determine what physical & functional demands the employee have to meet or conduct your specific pre-employment screens. All pre-employment screens are designed and implemented by our qualified physiotherapists to ensure you get the most accurate assessment.

During the pre-employment evaluation, we will assess physical and functional tasks, such as lifting, reaching, prolonged stooped position, pushing / pulling, going up and down stairs, etc. This enables us to gain an in-depth insight into the functional capacity of the applicant and identify possible barriers.

Our pre-employment evaluation will be able to help you identify the right candidate that is healthy and physically capable of performing the job role that you’ve offered. Call us today and we will take care of the booking, assessment and reporting for each of your candidates personally.

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