Core Interactive Spinal Stability Program

Our Core Interactive® Spinal Stability Program is our very own patented core stability program designed by Ismail Youssef and a highly skilled team of Physiotherapists. The exercises taught in this program are highly specific and based on the most recent scientific research around motor relearning and spinal stabilising function.

The exercise based program is supported by science and designed for anyone who wants to improve their core strength, with exercises built to suit all levels of physical conditoning from the post spinal surgery patient to the industrial labourer with severe spinal pain to the Elite athlete.

The program takes the ambiguity out of the controvertial topic of “Core Stability”, by educating its participants on the nature, function and the individual constituents of the word “Core”. You will learn how to engage your muscles appropriately, and learn how to stabilise the individual segments in your spine. In the later phases of the program you will learn how to engage these muscles during functional activities such as lifting boxes from the ground up, pull and push loads at heights required at work, and during sporting activities such as jumping, landing and running.The later phases of the program are personalised to specific individual goals that you and your physiotherapist fomulate together prior to commencing this program.

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