Sports Physiotherapy

Sports-PhysiotherapyPhysio interactive has in-depth knowledge of spinal and limb biomechanics. We are able to treat athletes of all levels to prevent problems and recover from injuries. Spots professionals need specialised treatment or medical procedures that includes prevention, evaluation and management of injuries resulting from sports and exercise participation at all ages and levels of ability. As we all know, athletes and other sports’ professionals are required to deliver at higher performance levels on a consistent basis and therefore, more often than not, they end up putting severe stress on their bones, joints and muscles. Our well trained and experienced sports physiotherapist can work with the sportsmen and women to understand the nature of the injury caused and devise a set of physiotherapeutic procedures that will not only enable them to get back to normalcy but also educate them with relevant and useful information to prevent such injury in future and enhance their overall performance.

All our sports physiotherapists are members of SPA (Sports Physiotherapy Australia) and have extensive knowledge and experience is assessing and diagnosing all kinds of problems that are arise out of sports related events. Furthermore, our experts use exercise protocols which have been “tried, tested and effective” management techniques that are known to assist during recovery periods and prevent the occurrences of injuries in future.

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